The Hearts of Reptiles

the 27th day of Mirtul in the calendar of Harptos, in the 1372nd year of the dale reckoning

_The rains came and they almost destroyed everything. If it weren’t for that man carrying the chain we’d all be dead along with the rest of them. Whats worse is now I can’t find it and given the care with which I’d taken to put it in its place safely and secretly that means someone must have taken it or it was swept up somehow in the landlside. I have yet to share this information with Sissis(not that he would have any idea what I was talking about or be of any help) but if he becomes aware that I might have failed in another delivery I could be writing my last words.

The only fools that came anywhere near my wagon were Aiya the guide woman and that priest of Oghma, Felonious Drake. Perhaps he knows more than I thought. Either way, I must make some excuse for going back to the wreckage of the other two wagons before I confront anyone. salvage some healing draughts of some kind..yes that might work. They seem intent on keeping the Aiya girl alive so that might spur them to if I act the part of the goody goody.

Whatever happens I must find it! p. My life depends on it._



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