The Hearts of Reptiles

the 29th day of Myrtul in the Calendar of Harptos, in the 1372nd year of Dale Reckoning

They are trying to trick me, but whatever game they think we’re playing is over. I know they must have the key now; they could not have made that clear enough. When they insisted that we check Sissis’s belongings for a mere bag with some scribbles on it. They pushed him to a point where he had to defend himself and then nearly killed him for it. When it was revealed that he didn’t have the key (as I was hoping he might) it was obvious that this is a game. But aslong as they are keeping it safe I will allow them to handle it. They don’t know what it does.

After this the ordeal got worse. A pack of deinonychus slaughtered our horse and the last two guardsmen. The jungle is harshest now that it ever has been before and we came upon an abandoned stilt village. We encountered three assassin vines that almost took all of them to their graves, they slayed Sissis in his weakened state, that fool cleric, and that rather rugged halfling. I was lucky enough to be able to evade their detection. After finally ridding the stilt village of the flora threat they managed to reincarnate one of their fallen, the loud one that seems to enjoy playing these pranks so much. Caewylle’s body was never found and I don’t feel they have any mind to help Sissis. They also managed to heal the guidewoman Aiya. I wonder only if they will reveal to her that they have the key. It might not be wise but I feel I must confess myself to them or she’ll have her way with the whole situation. Aiya remains the only constant threat to my livelihood. She obviously has knowledge of the key and as a worshipper of Ubtao is likely to turn me over as a smuggler. Then we’ll all be sent to the maze.



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