The Hearts of Reptiles campaign lies within the depths of Chult, the jungle nation left to it own by all other kings and deities, where lizard folk hunt alongside human tribesmen, where terrible dinosaurs walk Toril, and where you are as likely to be swallowed by a plant as a monster lurking nearby. The jungles of Chult can be treacherous for those unprepared. Even the weather beats down on those who dwell there with sun and rain and lightning. But there are riches to be found for those with the daring to venture forth into the jungles. In the heart of the jungle there are many treasures to be found, ruins of lost empires lay hidden, gems the size of fists are a plenty in the mines of nearby mountains, and hunters bring back the pelts of exotic animals and heaps of ivory for riches of coin. Adventurers beware though, this is the heart of Chult, the soul of Ubtao and he demands respect and tribute. His are the only followers of any faith on the Chultan peninsula and will defend the children of Ubtao to their deaths. Tribal and religious leaders expect you to seek their permission to hunt on their territory and to share with them some of your bounty. There are few cities of Chult but none can dispute that the heart and capitol of the savage nation is Mezro. Mezro is the holy city of Ubtao and ruled by the undying paladins of Ubtao.

The Hearts of Reptiles