A slimy obese lizardman of Chult.


Sissis could only be described as an ugly and immense lizardman with an attitude about as rotten as his stench. His size is a clear distinction however of his wealth, power and strength in any lizardfolk community.


Sissis was a hired man for the trading company that Delth is employed by. Obviously not a merchant or tradesman of any sort, Sissis usually works as muscle to ensur that certain deals don’t go wrong and to take the necks of any who cross the company’s path. Sissis was hired by the company to ensure that Delth arrived to their destination alive and unmolested by city customs. He has constantly irked the other members of the party with his own self importance and pride, making himself a fine target for the framing of an elaborate prank. When he tried to defend himself Sal made sure he would never step against them again witha vicious lash of his spiked chain. Sissis was left weakened with little healing from his attackers but allowed to live at the least. He proved incapable of avoiding further threat though when an assassin vine put an end to his life in the abandoned stilt town. It is not known how much information about the company died with Sissis or how much he might have known about the key.


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